Pro Membra Bar Association Management Platform

Pro Membra Bar Association Management Platform


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Bring the support of your legal community to a new level with an integrated web-based solution for your association


With effective technological support, your staff has time to engage and grow your membership. Create engaging events, market, sell tickets, and manage attendance online. Members can manage their profiles, creating an account, signing up for a membership, renewing, and viewing their CLE credits.

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A unified software platform they can access 24-7-365! Let your members help you they can update their profiles. You don't have to spend your time switching from contribution website to the event website to CLE website, importing and exporting data to keep members records on each synched and up-to-date.

Pro Membra is an Integrated Solution for Legal Association Membership Management:

Pro Membra can be customized to support any of your bar association day-to-day operations management needs

  • 360º View of Membership
  • Mobile Application Integration
  • Membership Sign Up & Renewal Database
  • Contribution Management
  • Fund Raising Event Sign Up & Management
  • CLE Registration Events & Tracking
  • Invoicing Communications Reminder Emails &
  • Manage Email Lists & Newsletters
  • Accounting Integration
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Pro Bono Service Management
  • Open Source Solution, the application & data are yours.


Pro Membra can be customized to support any of your bar association day-to-day operations management needs.


Yoga at Dawn symbolizing focus you can have on members Trial1 takes care of the rest.

You focus on your membership at Trial1; we "ll take care of the rest.

We can help you develop a growth strategy, devise inbound and outbound marketing plans, implement membership management technology, and process solutions while providing full-service support. Let us customize your system specific to the services you offer and in alignment with your organization's needs.

It is Open Source

Pro membra is an Open Source Technology platform, so you have the license to modify your software and take both the software and data where ever you go. It is tightly integrated with your website, especially when built on these leading content management systems: Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal,, and Concrete. It is highly interoperable with other cloud resources and programs, from payment processors to email transaction email and processing bulk email. 

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