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There are 1,338,678 attorneys in the US. 179,600 lawyers in New York practicing law in 6500 firms in New York City.

If you have built a website with no investment in marketing will act as only a second step, a prospective client can take after getting handed a business card. It is a strategic mistake not to update the website with regular legal copywriting services that fill-out a well-structured website that and informs prospective clients in a way that search engines can also digest and present it to the public as a service. Search engines need to give them results that answer their questions providing highly credible sources that are close to their location. 


You may be at the top of your field; besides showing up to win, you need to keep a focus in other areas. Marketing, CLE and networking to name just a few.

Web Design & Development

Your website is the central tool implements your law firms marketing plan.

Video Production

An introduction to law firm video allows website visitors to meet you without a trip to the office.

Legal SEO

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Spanish Translations

¿Su sitio web habla español? We do! Our certified translators will translate your website to Latin-American Spanish.

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At Trial1 we have creates packages & pricing strategies to match lawyers and their firm’s needs with services proven to increase leads & acquire new clients.

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