An introduction to law firm video allows website visitors to meet you without a trip to the office. Thus an essential quality of your lawyer video capturing the value your law firm offers prospective authenticity and integrity. 97% of the time, visitors to the website will first have to find your firm on a search engine, and this is most often Google. They, on average, will investigate up to 3 law firm websites during this process. If there is a video of the lawyers in the firm that they connect to it, research shows they may end their search with this one visit. You have won conversion and possibly a client.

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Your website video shows you are knowledgeable, invest in your firm, and take seriously the value you have to offer to your visitors. As an added advantage, search engines, especially Google search algorithms, also recognize this as evidence of commitment within your field of expertise and raise your website page ranking. Your law firm video and lawyer video clips on areas of expertise will help you market your law firm, gain higher page rank and increase the conversion rate of site visitors to prospects and high-quality cases and retainers.


Our firm has produced many attorney videos and knows how to get excellent performance from your law firm members. Our method is to use a question and answer format instead of a scripted or special effects-heavy approach. This approach brings each lawyer and staff members out the expertise, values, and personality. This unscripted nature gives authenticity, integrity to your video, which will allow prospective clients to visualize how you will work as a team to represent them in their most important of life-changing matters. Our video production crews have the right equipment and are highly skilled at using it. Videographers will set your lawyers at ease and show them in a good light and capture clear sound. We will shoot B roll in meaningful locations in your area, and capture stills and music. We will combine these media assets combined into video edit you will want the feature of your website as well as share on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media.


Have in mind some of the cases that highlight your firms’ strengths. Also, be prepared to share what they might expect from the process they can expect to have when your firm becomes part of their team. Be ready to explain the process they might encounter in engaging your firm. Let them know about your retainer or fees depending on the structure, especially if they are on contingency. Give them an understanding of their obligations if they become a client, such as preparations and costs. We do ask that someone in the firm must please remember to practice your law firm name, phone number, website address, and tagline because most videos do include these elements. We know you are at the top of your game and will do this well!


There are different formats we use to highlight Areas of Practice Videos highlight one of your law firms’ areas of expertise and the critical issues a client might face with these types of cases. These are 3 to 4 minutes in length. Point of Practice Lawyer Video clips is tightly focused videos answering a simple question. They are one minute long, focus compelling posts in social media that are often shared.
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