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Our founder Richard Gurfein, is recognized as one of the Top Trial Lawyers in New York City. He has always been a leader in technology for lawyers, applying his degree in Electrical Engineering along with his enjoyment of photography to real world problems. He has brought this insight many bar associations technology efforts.

He views the internet as not only a resource for finding lawyers but one containing valuable information about the law and a showcase for a diverse legal community and the organizations and people that it services. These factors were the basis for founding Trial1.com in 1997 to serve this community.


Trial1 CTO (Chief Technical Officer) Fred Sullivan is at the forefront of innovation and the application of technology to some of the most world’s most challenging problems. He began his engagement with the legal community in 1996 helping to facilitate process and passage of the treaty to form an International Criminal Court.  This international effort resulted in conferences and the signing of the Treaty that established the Court.  Roecognition by the Secretary-General of the UN was one of the keys in negotiations and quick ratification. At Trial1, his focus is helping law practices, bar associations, and other legal service providers share their unique expertise and knowledge navigating today’s ever-changing technology platforms.

The legal field is very competitive, and updating website content and communications media regularly are essential. Trial1 can do this for you. This allows you to focus on being the best in your chosen areas of practice. We help you share your knowledge and expertise with the legal community and those seeking its services so you can focus on your firm’s legal practice, clients and staff.


Keimoneia Redish with her attorney, Richard Gurfein, in her Bronx apartment. (Gregg Vigliotti/for New York Daily News In an article...
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How we do it

When you hire Trial1 you get the expertise of both highly trained technicians and superior legal analysis to help drive clients to you.

Psychographic Profile

We build psychographic profiles of your prospective clients to understand their compelling needs and prevent roadblocks in attraction, engagement, and conversion to bring new clients to you.

Market Analysis

We benchmark the top firms in your area to develop a strategy to create the best attraction and conversion rates, at the best value for your firm.

Targeted Content and Media

We take on the skilled, and time-consuming task of creating authentic, educational and engaging content on a regular schedule. We position it so the prospective client looking for you can find you.

Learn From Data

We analyze the data from the search engines and the changes, traffic flow and demographics of visitors to your website and closely monitor your competition to enhance and optimize your presence.

Collaboration & Review

We channel what you share with us about the awards and settlements in your practice. We make sure your experience and expertise is highlighted.  We focus the website visitor on the cases you value.

Dynamic Presence

We dynamically build your web presence — continuously improving the look and feel, the content funnels, and calls to action so you can focus on picking the right cases and winning.

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