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Secure Mail

Protecting your clients’ and customers’ security is not just being a good person; it’s REQUIRED! Whether you’re a lawyer, a banker, a broker, or any other personal service professional, keeping your client’s confidential information safe must be a priority in your practice.

 Every email you send, every document you attach is subject to unwanted disclosure unless encrypted in transit and storage.

360° Email Protection
For Ultimate Peace of Mind Against Advanced Email Threats

Advanced threat protection prevents the widest spectrum of sophisticated attacks before they reach a user’s mailbox. Our comprehensive cloud-based email security solution acts as an email filter, using sophisticated AI to scan inbound emails, effectively identifying and blocking email threats.

We can help you improve your practice by helping you integrate this software.
With convenient cross-platform plug-ins for Outlook and Gmail, Trustifi can encrypt both your emails and their attachments. Trustifi even offers 2-factor authentication.
That’s not all, the same add-in that secures your outgoing email can scan and detect invasions on your incoming email.This critical service can prevent spyware, virus, and ransomware attacks on your Law Firm.
We are here to help answer your questions and can set up a demonstration.