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What could your website and The Lincoln Center and Guggenheim Museum websites have in common?  Probably not Yo-yo Ma or Paintings by Picasso but a content management system (CMS). CMS is the answer to keeping a sleek and savvy website as up to date as the real-time web demands. CMS platforms make it easy to keep your website fresh, manageable, current and in line with whatever next step your law firm or another business is taking. We believe the WordPress CMS is optimal for most law partnerships.  The blog platform WordPress and the CMS Drupal could match your requirements we implement and provide inbound marketing and other services for these open-source platforms as well. With all these systems you can also create new pages, add and edit content, insert multimedia images and content, post blog articles and comments and do just about everything you need to do to keep your website fresh and exciting. Additional intranet applications or marketing functions require one of these platforms. But the real power is in the community of users and developers continuously innovating and integrating new functions for a growing and changing the internet. The Open Source Community’s knowledge and creations can become your competitive advantage!

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