Lawfirm Laptop locked with Ransomeware

What is Ransomware? Why does it matter for your Law Firm?

Lawfirm Laptop locked with Ransomeware

When you first set up your computers, you are often asked how to set options to encrypt your files on your computer for extra security, especially on a laptop? Ransomware encrypts you and/or your organization’s files and demands a ransom for the data to be decrypted. Ransomware frequently targets file central resources servers and databases. Once files on these resources are encrypted, it can cripple an entire enterprise.

How to Respond and Report a Ransomware Attack

The FBI does recommend paying a ransom in response to a ransomware attack. Paying won’t guarantee you or your organization will get any data back. It also encourages hackers to target more victims and encourages more data breaches and ransomware attacks. 

If you are a victim of a data breach ransomware:

Trustifi’s email security software prevents ransomware attacks at your Lawfirm 

Why is protecting your email so important? Because most of these attacks occur through email! An essential phrase in security is “Address threat meets vulnerability where there is a risk .”By securing email, you’ve reduced the vulnerability to hackers gaining access to computers in your network and then encrypting, scanning, copying, and locking your data from you and your organization.

How Could Ransomware Attacks Take Place at Your Law Firm?

The definition of phishing is when someone at your Law-Firm unwittingly downloads the attacker’s malware or malicious software via email attachments or links. The ransomware may target the data on your device or go after the valuable data on your network’s servers. The loss of access to personal information is annoying. Still, an entire firm’s loss of access to critical data negatively impacts your law firm’s reputation and finances on an immense scale. To regain access to your data, the attacker demands a ransom. However, even if you pay the ransom, there is no guarantee the attacker will give you access to your files. The perpetrators of such a crime might not give back access to your files even if you did pay a ransom. 

Types of Ransomware that could be the biggest threat to your Law Firm

Ransomware attacks come in many forms. Some are more dangerous than others, but they all demand a ransom. Following are some common types of ransomware.

Crypto Locker – This malware locks files, folders, and drives. The risk is significant because the encryption algorithm is complicated to crack. A user or an organization cannot access files and folders until they pay the ransom to the attacker to get the decryption key. Read more about how to avoid crypto-malware attacks.

WannaCry – WannaCry ransom, aka WanaCryptor or WCry, has been around for many years. 1,250,000 businesses across 150 countries were attacked with this strain. WannaCry ransomware attack of 2017 affected thousands of Windows PCs worldwide and spread through corporations globally. The attackers demanded users pay a Bitcoin ransom to gain access to their data.

Cerber Ransomware – Cerber ransomware affects Office 365 users who store data in the cloud. Phishing campaigns have exposed millions of Office 365 users to Cerber.

1) Lockers

 Locker attacks and locker ransomware lock the computer’s operating system and stop users from accessing the device, preventing access to files or the use of applications.

2) Jigsaw

JIGSAW is one of the most dangerous forms of ransomware. It not only encrypts the files but also gradually deletes them until the victim pays the ransom. Hour after hour, the attacker deletes files. At the end of the 72-hour countdown, the victim has lost all their files.

3) Scareware

Scareware attacks are often disguised as antivirus software or cleaning software. When the user installs the application, the software warns, ” Severe Issues were Detected in Your Device.” then charges the user money to fix them. It also comes in different types, some of which lock the device, others just flood the screen with pop-ups and unwanted alerts.

Preventing Ransomware Attacks on your Lawfirm?

1. Create a backup of your data: Regularly copying your data to an external hard drive will help you avoid losing your data. 

2. Use a Cloud Storage provider to back up your data and protect it from fire and Other Natural Disasters.

Hackers will be unable to hold your data hostage if you have a backup!

3) Stay alert while surfing the Internet: Keep an eye out for malicious websites and pop-ups when you visit a new website, as they are just waiting for you to click. 

4) Use Trustifi: Since most ransomware attacks happen through email, protect yourself and your company by using Trustifi’s email security solution to secure your email

5) Trustifi puts an extra layer of security on your email and eliminates those malicious emails before they enter your inbox. 

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Trustifi Compliance, and Secure email for Lawyers and Law Firms


Protecting your clients’ and customers’ security is not just being a good person; it’s REQUIRED! Whether you’re a lawyer, a banker, a broker, or any other personal service professional, keeping your client’s confidential information safe must be a priority in your practice. Every email you send, every document you attach is subject to unwanted disclosure unless encrypted in transit and storage.


We can help you improve your practice by helping you integrate this software. With convenient cross-platform plug-ins for Outlook and Gmail, Trustifi can encrypt both your emails and their attachments. Trustifi even offers 2-factor authentication. That’s not all, the same add-in that secures your outgoing email can scan and detect invasions on your incoming email. This critical service can prevent spyware, virus, and ransomware attacks on your Law Firm.

We are here to help answer your questions and can set up a demonstration.

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Protect the number one threat vector to your organization

Start using an email security solution that completely removes human error and liability from any company.

Trustifi is an award winning email security solution that keeps ease of use in mind. Trustifi has enabled organizations of all sizes to deploy the feature rich platform in minutes by using plug ins for Gmail, Outlook, and O365, or a fully automated data loss prevention policy.


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Marketing for Attorneys, Law Firms, and Legal Services

Marketing for Attorneys, Law Firms, and Legal Services 

Lead Generation with Inbound Marketing for Lawyers & Legal Business

When your organization has the opportunity to review and improve your marketing on of the most effective is to consider that there are already people looking for your services. Putting your website and social media infront of prospective vistors and having a funnel to nurture them in to client is called Inbound Market it is an effective and ethical approach to attorney marketing because it centers on educating prospective clients and the community about the services and role your firm plays in the legal community. 

What is the most cost-effective way to gain legal leads?

We know the business preparing and trying cases is your priority. The challenge of running a successful law practice are numerous. You may be the top of your field; besides showing up to win, you need to keep up practice management, with CLE and networking. We started Trial1 to have the best team to create and carry out a strategy firm’s website to generate regular leads. 

What to make your website from another calling card into a legal lead generator? 

Your website needs an Inbound Marketing plan.

What is an inbound marketing plan?

Inbound Marketing is the process of attracting and nurturing relationships with people with a compelling need for your services now or shortly. Lawyers Inbound Marketing is the most effective way to generate leads and clients to grow your firm or legal business consistently.

inbound marketing diagram for legal lead generation

They will go to 1-3 websites will you be found? They may only go to one or two if they feel they know and trust you. So you’re a video of your firm’s lawyers is one of the most effective ways to do this. It still will not bring you to the top of the search engines. But if you have the right tools and the team you can find the keywords, build landing pages, write blog posts and promote them via social media.

Once they land on your website you need to create a powerful call to action with case awards and testimonials and contact form to allow them to get more information about your firm and potentially request a case evaluation. which secures their email If they still need some nurturing before you can begin to use email for this purpose so even if they do not have their own case they will be ready for a strong referral when a family or friends call and needs help.defending their legal rights. 

How much does it cost? Plans inbound marketing for legal lead generation begin at $2400 a month. We also offer and manage AdWords account and we dynamically update your manage and marketing services such as Mailchimp, Hubspot and a variety of these services on your behalf.

Find out how you can begin Trial inbound marketing plan contact us for your free evaluation and proposal

Live Chat for Your Website

We can create and customize a CMS website to suit your law firm’s and business” need from the simplest CMS and blog site to a robust and customized enterprise-level Customer Relations Management system, optimized and secure in the Cloud. Contact us about your next project to find out which CMS platform is right for you and your venture, then leave the rest to us!

Increase the effectiveness of your website at converting visitors into clients. Trial1 can provide your website with an option for a visitor to connect to a live operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Live Chat is designed to drop the option down on any or all page of your website. Live Chat is a technology that enables your website visitors to start an Instant Message Text session with a live operator so the visitor does not have to send an email and wait for a response.  Live Chat provides an instant response! Many prospective clients do not have a telephone within reach or are not ready to speak about their case when doing the research to find a lawyer to retain. With a Live Chat session, it is easier to make contact with the firm than a telephone call and increases website engagement during the critical comparative research phase. Besides, how many of those visitors are surfing for a lawyer at night and on the weekends.

The Live Chat representative gets the important contact information and takes down the prospects basic story. This information helps you determine the speed with which you want to contact the prospect. Once the prospective client has been qualified and engaged they can be linked in a call to your office during business hours or if it is after hours to your own phone service (another option).

Trial1 offers a complete turnkey solution with the sole purpose of improving the return on your web advertising dollars 24/7/365. On the average, our customers report a 25-30% increase in leads after adding chat to their website. Get the maximum return on your website marketing investment with Trial1 Live Chat.

CiviCRM for Law Practice Management

Does your law or bar association staff need support in managing memberships, mailings, CLE events that support your organization’s membership? Managing everything on a spreadsheet leaves your staff with no time to develop the programs and events that would support your membership. At Trial1 we have developed a customized version of the Open Source CRM CiviCRM it can be configured to meet legal and bar association needs.

  • Sign-up new memberships, renew membership
  • View status of all type of memberships on the dashboard
  • Create CLE events and register participants
  • Segment and manage mail messages to your membership
  • Track your membership participation in your activities
  • Designed to integrate with your WordPress, Joomla or Drupal website.

Allow your attorneys to take their CLE course 24/7/365

Upgrade your memberships benefit by offering responsive mobile friendly integrated online CLE service on your website. Open Source Solutions will allow your firm or association to reduce licensing costs, allows your organization to own your data, and keep up with the powerful but ever-changing web environment. It offers a highly customizable, open source engine core that, along with its modules for such things as clients lists, mailing, and reporting, can be customized to into sophisticated software solution that fits your firm or association needs.

Trial 1 Internet for Legal Professionals and Associations

Trial1 has been designing and hosting web sites for over a decade. Our design services range from “cookie cutter” sites to fully custom-built sites.  Our design team will devote the time necessary to have your site reflect your business.  We offer E-Commerce, content management, search engine optimization and database services in addition to standard web sites.  Our web hosting service encompasses everything from a dedicated IP address to branded email and FTP access.  Our hosting partner monitors our customer’s sites 24/7 and provides backup power generation.

We can publish to iBooks™ and gain access to a worldwide readership. We can Publishing help you succeed in the new digital marketplace by expertly preparing files for Apple’s iBooks™ on the iPad™ and the iPhone™ platforms.

U.S. Local Business Association’s Award Plaque Honors the Achievement

WASHINGTON D.C., October 31, 2008 —, Inc. has been selected for the 2008 New York Award in the Internet Service category by the U.S. Local Business Association (USLBA).

The USLBA “Best of Local Business” Award Program recognizes outstanding local businesses throughout the country. Each year, the USLBA identifies companies that they believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and community.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2008 USLBA Award Program focused on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the USLBA and data provided by third parties.Trial1

Trial1 is best law firm seo measured by not only awards but results. It depends on a well designed website with the knowlege of what is required by your bar assocation. Trial1 wants to help you meet those standards and get the results your firm deserves and the clients who need your firms services.

CMS for Legal Professionals

What could your website and The Lincoln Center and Guggenheim Museum websites have in common?  Probably not Yo-yo Ma or Paintings by Picasso but a content management system (CMS). CMS is the answer to keeping a sleek and savvy website as up to date as the real-time web demands. CMS platforms make it easy to keep your website fresh, manageable, current and in line with whatever next step your law firm or another business is taking. We believe the WordPress CMS is optimal for most law partnerships.  The blog platform WordPress and the CMS Drupal could match your requirements we implement and provide inbound marketing and other services for these open-source platforms as well. With all these systems you can also create new pages, add and edit content, insert multimedia images and content, post blog articles and comments and do just about everything you need to do to keep your website fresh and exciting. Additional intranet applications or marketing functions require one of these platforms. But the real power is in the community of users and developers continuously innovating and integrating new functions for a growing and changing the internet. The Open Source Community’s knowledge and creations can become your competitive advantage!


Keimoneia Redish with her attorney, Richard Gurfein, in her Bronx apartment. (Gregg Vigliotti/for New York Daily News

In an article reported by the New York Daily News By Cathy Burke Apr 13, 2019

In the lawsuit, the Grandmother sued St. Barnabas Hospital and the team of doctors who treated her during her 2010 asthma attack that triggered a massive brain injury. In a jury verdict in Bronx Supreme Court Keimoneia Redish, 48, decided in favor of the mother of five sons and one grandchild. Richard Gurfein of Gurfein Douglas argued doctors failed to consider transferring her to nearby facilities with ECMO (extracorporeal membrane oxygenation) able to remove the build-up of carbon dioxide in her brain and could prevent injury to her brain and swelling caused by the buildup of carbon dioxide.”

After her stays of over 300 days in the hospital or nursing home. She now uses a wheelchair, with profound motor disabilities, and slurred speech. She has to be cared for full time by her partner and former chef. “She was an amazing mom, the vice president of the PTA,” Gurfein said. “She was the center of the family.” she deserves this 110.6 million is a vital award to help her maintain her care and compensate her for some of the tremendous sufferings she has endured. Read the full story with additional pictures in the New York Daily News.